The WBI Fund

For Accredited Investors

Over the past 28 years, the institute has developed a highly successful system for identifying potential in young high growth ventures. We have successfully helped such ventures raise over 5 billion dollars in financial transactions, and have a portfolio of over 400 companies. In addition, of the companies who have been involved in our Investors Choice® Venture Capital Conference, 70% raise their ask in the following few months, and over 80% of those companies over the past ten years are still in business today. Further, we have recognized the value in companies like Omniture, Myriad Genetics,, Altiris, and OrangeSoda earlier than any other investors.

That being said, The WBI Fund is capital that is invested into our most promising future Investors Choice® Venture Capital Conference presenters; which happen to come from one of the highest quality deal flows in the nation. We at the institute understand what constitutes a solid deal, and we feel our unmatched portfolio demonstrates this.

To learn how you can get involved with the WBI Fund, please inquire using the form provided. This fund is for accredited investors only.